Paul McCartney Says He and Ringo Will Never ‘Come Together’ For A Tour

by Alisha Jackson

Beatles fans are going to need a large dose of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” after reading Paul McCartney‘s latest interview with Rolling Stone.

McCartney and Ringo Starr have been touring regularly over the years, and despite a few minor cross-over appearances, the two have yet to officially come together on tour. Anytime Paul and Ringo’s tours cross paths geographically, fans pray for a half-Beatles reunion at their shows. So why don’t the two just do it in the road together, already?

According to Paul, the topic has never actually come up. “It’s never come up,” he says. “We come together for things like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But to actually tour together – leave well enough alone.” When asked if touring together would send “too many wrong signals, like ‘Beatles reunion'”, Paul said “I don’t think either of us have ever thought why do it, or why not. It’s just that our roads are parallel, with intersections and diversions. He’s a great drummer, man. That’s the thing about Ringo. He has a feel that nobody else has. As to going out on the road, it might be complicated.”

As for the two coming together socially, Paul says it happens all the time. However, when it comes to meetings about Beatles affairs with Ringo, George’s widow Olivia Harrison, and John’s widow Yoko Ono, Paul says it doesn’t happen often. “I see Ringo a lot, because he’s a lovely boy. We all see each other socially, go to parties. As for meetings, I’m a bit detached from it. I went off Apple during the heavy breakup period – I sent John Eastman in and said, ‘You tell me what everyone is saying, because I can’t bear to be sitting at that table.’ It was too painful, like seeing the death of your favorite pet.”

“The way it works now, I listen to all the records. I will be in on the approval process. But most of the work for the Beatles has been done.”

Although it’s heartbreaking to hear that Ringo won’t be joining Paul on the road anytime soon, or possibly ever, both musicians play songs from the Beatles catalog regularly on tour, especially Paul. “I remember when I went to concerts, particularly when I was a kid, it was a lot of money you had to save up,” Paul tells the New York Times. “So I imagine myself going to my show. Would I like to hear him play all new songs? No. I wouldn’t want to do that. I would do a smaller gig and advertise the fact up front — I’d probably call the tour ‘Deep Cuts’ or something, so you knew it was going to be just really deep cuts that only the aficionados would know. I think if I did that, it could be quite fun.”

Paul’s current tour heavily features songs by the Beatles, but just because he can perform the songs in his sleep, doesn’t mean he’s immune to making mistakes. While he doesn’t remember the last big one he made on stage, Paul does recall a “car crash” happening “in “Penny Lane.”

“I don’t remember the last one,” he tells Rolling Stone. “But I had a show in Paris where I started off with the second verse of ‘Penny Lane’ instead of the first. It should have been ‘a barber showing photographs.’ So I thought, ‘I’ll swap the verses – do verse two, then verse one and we’ll go into the middle bit.’ But the band correctly thought, ‘He skipped verse one – we’ll go into the middle.'”

“It was a car crash in Penny Lane. I had to go, ‘Stop, stop. We’ve totally screwed it up. We’re gonna start again.’ The audience went wild. A friend, Cilla Black, who just passed away, came to me after the show: ‘I loved that bit. Do you do it every night?'”

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