CLUTCH- Defying the Sub-Genre Trend

In this day and age, most bands are trying to put a label on what kind of music they play or what position of individualism they might reside in.   Well there is one band out there that seems to be just fine with the description of being plain old Rock-n-Roll.  This seems to be because they have a world of influences behind them ranging from Jazz, Funk, Blues, and even Hardcore.  So you can imagine that they might be as diverse as their musical interests.  Rest assured though, this isn’t a band following any of the current trends or fashion.  This group is firmly rooted in the tried and true methods of just making the best music they know how.

The band I am alluding to is CLUTCH and if you haven’t gotten hooked on them yet, then you must not really like music at all.

Clutch’s recent album “PSYCHIC WARFARE” Is the perfect example of what this group is all about.  There is a level of vision and intellectual conceptionalism that is spilling over with wide-eyed intensity.  Their live show is one to behold as well!  You can’t ignore the old school values that are devoid of modern shortcuts and sidesteps.  This is a band that honors the traditions and creatively expands on them without pomp and circumstance.

I recently had the chance to catch up with Clutch’s drummer Jean-Paul Gaster at this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to talk about the current trend in music, influences, Doom Metal and the new album.  Take a listen to our chat, check out their new album, and catch them at a venue near you this fall; such as The Rock Carnival Festival where they perform alongside Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Ace Frehley and many, many more.

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