SixX Strings: CILVER is Living the American Dream

Ok let’s be honest and break this down to basics, the country is going through a tough time.  People are divided and tensions have redlined and seem to be hovering around a breaking point.  It’s like the gasoline is getting ready to be poured on the fire and we are waiting for the flash point.  No matter what short comings are being displayed, or what side of the fence some feel they should be on; some people are still thankful for living within our borders, testifying to unity, and using music to try and soothe the savage breast.  Those people are the members of the band CILVER and their message is something that I for one think more people should take stock in!

Siren vocalist Uliana Preotu from the band CILVER seems to be proud about being an American.   For you see, she wasn’t born and raised here in the “Good Ole U.S of A.”  She hails from the once communist ruled Romania and has been more than open with her thoughts about her immigration to our shores.  Uli and her band CILVER are the true testament of living the so called American Dream.  I mean leave a Communist country, move to New York City and become the soaring vocalist in a hard rock band with nothing but a skyrocketing path to stardom.  Now if that sounds a bit too cliché for you, then take a listen to their poignant single “I’m America” off their recently released album NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.  If it doesn’t make you feel thankful for what you do have here, then you might want to take a new personal inventory!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Uli and CILVER’s shredder and co-writer Leon Lyazidi about their new album, video, and eOne Music.  Take a listen to our chat, check out their music and remember…why America is still great!


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