Boston Emissions | July 17, 2016 | Pixies, No Small Children, Choke Up, Coaches, OldJack, Mercury On Mars, Read Yellow, Destruct-a-thon, Sam Black Church


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New Song Poll Top 3

3] Eternals – Original Sin

2] Cities & States – Ambulance Racer

1] Mister Vertigo – Bootprints


Boston Emissions playlist – Sunday, July 17, 2016


Pixies – The Holiday Song from Come On Pilgrim, 1987 – recorded at Fort Apache Studios, Roxbury.
Great story in CoS on the early Fort Apache days, put Boston on the national music map, the international music map!


Pixies – Um Chagga Lagga from the new Head Carrier full-length release, 2016

Pixies – Magdalena, 2014

Choke Up – Hart on Disposable America’s Special Interest digital compilation, for the Pulse Tragedy Community Fund, 2016


Coaches – Elizabeth Warren, off the Shush EP, 2016

Mercury On Mars – Rock Bottom, 2016
–Your Friends Fest, July 30 at ONCE Ballroom with The Knock Ups,
Psychic Dog (single release), Mercury on Mars (EP Release Party), Thrust Club, Rrrright?

Tenafly Vipers – Napalm Discipline, 2016
–Fri, July 29 at Greek American Social Club in Somerville with The Warning Shots, Duck & Cover, Quiggs

Psychic Dog – Rev. Mike, 2016

Read Yellow – Model America

Destruct-a-thon – 9 Squares
-Duncan Wilder Johnson released his Sam Black Church documentary, Leave Behind a Groove in the Earth, 2016

LEAVE BEHIND A GROOVE IN THE EARTH: The Story of Sam Black Church (Official Trailer)

Sam Black Church – We Come In Peace

OldJack – Drivin’ All Night, 2016

–Last Saturdays at Lizard Lounge, next one July 30, with Airport and Stars Like Ours

No Small Children – Ghostbusters, 2016
–from the brand new movie, out nationwide; features Lisa P. from Heidi & Joanie from Superhoney 

The Okay Win – Reaction, live on Boston Emissions 2014

Airport – Go Up, live on Boston Emissions 2013

Eldridge Rodriguez – Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, live on Boston Emissions 2013

Parlour Bells – Celebrities On Ice, live on Boston Emissions 2014

The Static Dynamic – Spotlight, live on Boston Emissions 2014

The Color and Sound – Graves, live on Boston Emissions 2013

Ruby Rose Fox – Ronald Reagan Killed the Radio, live on Boston Emissions 2014

Slim Jim and the Mad Cows – Red Hot, live on Boston Emissions 2015

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