‘Where’s Izzy’ Signs Aren’t Welcome In the Jungle, Says Guns N’ Roses Fan

by Alisha Jackson

After Steven Adler reunited with Guns N’ Roses at their Not In This Lifetime tour date in Ohio, clever fan Caroline Campos decided to ask the band a question at their next scheduled gig.

“Where’s Izzy” her sign asked, referring to the band’s former guitarist Izzy Stradlin, at their July 9th show in Nashville. To which Guns N’ Roses’ security answered, *ripping sound effects*.

Yes, signs were allowed at Guns N’ Roses’ Nashville show, just not hers, Campos tells Team Rock. “When the original drummer Steven Adler came out to play his set, I held up my sign with cheers from most of the people in my section,” she said. “Axl looked at my sign and started laughing and said, ‘That’s a good question!’ He seemed to appreciate the sign.”

Guns N’ Roses’ security team, however, was not amused. “I put the sign away during actual performances so I wouldn’t block the people behind me, only held it up between songs when the lights came on,” Campos explained. “But about 10 to 15 minutes later, while GNR were playing ‘November Rain’, our section got swarmed by security and stage crew with headsets on.”

“They went row by row asking ‘Who has the sign? Who has the Where’s Izzy sign?'” she continued. “Eventually they made it to the row behind me and saw the sign tucked under my chair. A guy in jeans and a black shirt tapped my shoulder and said ‘Is that your sign? You need to give it to me.’ I said ‘Why? Who are you?’ He showed a badge and said ‘I’m with the band and they’ve asked for the sign to be removed.’ I said, ‘We aren’t allowed to have signs? But I read that..’ and he cut me off and said ‘You can’t have that sign. Give it to me.'”

Campos says that she gave it to him, and then he walked away “folding and ripping it up,” which sadly sparked her change of heart about Axl. “Axl Rose hasn’t changed a bit.”

Do you think Axl instructed his team to rip up the sign, or did security perhaps make the decision on their own?


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