Son of Led Zeppelin’s Manager, Peter Grant, Is Working On Documentary About His Father

by Alisha Jackson

Led Zeppelin‘s legendary manager, Peter Grant, is finally getting his own documentary thanks to his son Warren. Almost twenty one years after the passing of his father, Warren has teamed up with former Atlantic Records exec Jerry Greenberg to document Peter Grant’s legacy.

“We want to do a documentary that tells the story of what he was like as a father as well as a manager,” Warren told Billboard. “The reason I want to do it with Jerry is I get offers all the time from various film companies, but I think generally they are really looking to use dad’s story as a means to make a film about Zeppelin,” he explained. “Jerry was very good friends and work colleagues with my dad and I have lots of memories of him from back when — we used to go out on these fishing boats in Florida and various other places — and he and I [reconnected] a few years ago when I was [in L.A.] visiting my daughter, who was doing some work for Freeman Entertainment with the managers from Motorhead. With Jerry being so close to him he seems the perfect choice to help me produce this.”

Just because his documentary isn’t going to focus on Led Zeppelin, doesn’t mean he won’t answer questions about the band. If you’re wondering what it was like growing up with a dad who managed one of the biggest rock bands of all time, Warren admitted that it was “really exciting” for him as a kid, adding that it was “f—ing great” for good measure.

“He was away a lot,” Warren said about his father growing up, “but once I got a bit older, in the early and mid ’70’s, any time a school holiday or something came up, we would normally go out and see some of the shows. I can remember him going on the Starship [Zeppelin’s private jet] and all that stuff. And fishing off the balcony [at the Edgewater Hotel, the scene of alleged groupie debauchery] in Seattle. One of my fondest memories was, once the show started, we always used to sit with dad on the side of the stage with dad, on a monitor kind of thing, and I’d sit down next to him and we’d watch the show together. And I can remember being in the limos with all the escorts and stuff, and that was just really exciting for me as a kid, f—ing great.”

However, growing up around Zeppelin was also the norm for Warren. When asked if he thought his childhood was normal, he said, “I knew stuff was different, but I didn’t feel special. You know, by the time you’re 3 or 4 you start to have a sense of what’s going on in the world, and it was just normal for me.” When Peter brought his son on tour, he made sure to shield him from the debauchery. “I think they were very careful to make sure we were distanced from that,” Warren said. “You would see some drinking, and I guess people were smoking, but that was all whatever. We didn’t really see any naked women or lines [of drugs] or anything. Dad always made sure that that was kept to a different room or part of the plane or whatever.”

He didn’t have to stay away from the members Led Zeppelin though, because according to Warren, “they were always great [to be around].” “Even with a lot of kids running around, and that can be quite annoying when you’re 30, I could always speak with them,” he remembered. “And we would often stay with them up in the mountains, or the Swiss Alps, and then we just all chill and relaxed, and it was a great time.”


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