Joey Kramer Confirms Aerosmith World Tour For 2017

by Alisha Jackson

Joey Kramer started his three-day takeover for Karlson & McKenzie’s morning show program here on WZLX this morning, and with a hometown rocker host came fellow hometown rocker guests.

Gary Cherone and Pat Badger of Extreme called in to talk about their current plans, which include recording and heading out to the Azores this August, but Joey Kramer was more interested in what the guys had planned for next year.

“But no plans for next year?” Kramer asked, to which Gary replied “We’re recording some stuff and we’re hoping to get something out for next year, and do a full-fledged tour.” “I’m keeping you guys in mind,” Kramer casually mentioned, “because we’re [Aerosmith] going out to do a world tour.” “I think it would be a good combo and it might work,” Kramer added. “I’m going to make the suggestion.”

Later on during his takeover, Kramer went into more detail about Aerosmith’s future. “There’s some plans in the works,” he said about the world tour. “We’re going to South America this October, and then we’ll be back and we’re taking some time off, and then after that we’re thinking about embarking on a world tour. [The] world tour will take us probably the better part of 2 1/2 years.”

So there you have it. Aerosmith will be hitting the road next year, possibly with Extreme, for a 2 1/2 year-long world tour. If it is their farewell, at least it’ll be a long one.


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