15-Year-Old Bret Michaels Attempted to Become Famous by Moving to Boston For 11 Days

by Alisha Jackson

During Joey Kramer‘s three-day takeover of Karlson & McKenzie’s morning show, Poison frontman Bret Michaels called in and talked about the days he lived in Aerosmith’s hometown of Boston as a teenager. We say “days”, because fifteen-year-old Bret didn’t even last two weeks here.

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“Knowing nothing, I was a kid in Harrisburg [who] jumped on a greyhound bus to my friend’s,” Bret shared with Joey. “We decided we were going to make it and we were positive. Me and him packed up and moved to Boston where his mom lived,” he continued. “We were definitely going to get signed by Clive Davis. All we needed to do was just go jam in a club, and we were positive that’s how it worked.”

“I lived there, I survived until I ran out of money in about eleven days, and took a greyhound back. This was like at fifteen years old,” Bret recalled with laughter.

During their chat, Joey Kramer told Bret to give Rikki Rockett, the drummer of Poison his best, as he has been battling throat cancer. “He was really ill but he is a fighter, and he’s doing amazing, and he’s got some special treatment he’s going through now,” Bret said about his bandmate. “We’ve been best friends forever and we’ve known each other… we’re talking junior high and elementary school til now, and he’s a fighter.”

Bret Michaels is also a fighter, and has been dealing with medical scares for most of his life, starting with his diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes at the young age of six. Bret gave Joey the story of his Life Rocks Foundation in a nutshell. “I’ve been Diabetic type 1 since I was six years old, and now I’m up to five injections a day. It started for me as a kid. I was the only Diabetic kid in my area, and my parents were just really really great at how they handled it. My dad was a military guy, and he said ‘Look, I’ll help you, but there’s no self pity. You’re gonna pick yourself up and learn how to deal with this. Manage it,’ and then they were the first ones to open a Diabetic camp in the area.”

“Since the very very early days of Poison, when we could rub a couple pennies together, until right now, we’ve left something great behind in every city. We get to rock and party, and we get to leave something awesome behind for not just the fans, but for some people who could really use a little extra help.”


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