Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas From A Dude

By: Hardi Dude –

Father’s Day is quickly approaching this weekend and you’re probably scrambling around trying to figure out what to get Dad, Gramps, or your special man this year. Well you have no need to worry because I’m here with 10 wicked awesome gift ideas for you!

1: You could take him out to lunch, dinner or for a round of golf at their favorite spot. And if you’re feeling lazy or unsocial, you could turn to a gift card.

2: Every dude loves a clean automobile! Sneak away with their wheels and take it for a detailing so it’s fresh for those summertime cruises.

3: Purchasing him some sort of a new electronic device could work in your favor. Maybe a new tablet, Bluetooth speaker or tv would be sufficient. Or if you really want to blow his mind and he still has those old VHS tapes, you could turn around and have them switched over to “digital” so he can relive those memories via DVD.

4: Power or home improvement tools could be helpful and useful. – (insert Tim “The Toolman” Taylor grunt)

5: And if you’re not sure what they need for their projects, turn to a gift card from their favorite/local home improvement or lawn and garden care centers.

6: If they’re a reader or sit outside in the yard or at the beach, a new magazine subscription or book could provide them with some summertime entertainment.

7: Speaking of entertainment, tickets to an upcoming baseball game, car race or concert could be a huge hit. Just make sure you buy enough to go around.

8: And while I’m rolling with the entertainment factor, a new outdoor fire pit will keep him and his company nice the warm during the cool summer nights.

9: If they like watches, are into fitness, or just need to keep up with their activities, a ‘heart rate and activity tracker’ watch could serve them well.

10: No guy would turn down some fresh new “Man Cave” paraphernalia either!

Just because I’m a nice guy, here’s a bonus for you! Below you will find some websites that might help you out in your search for the “perfect” Father’s Day gift. And if you’re in a bind, no matter how old you are or Dad is, you can always turn to making something homemade like food or some sort of craft or you can print out some memorable pictures that will really touch his heart. Oh and if you’re looking for some good deals on sports equipment, athletic clothing or shoes, hit up your local Sports Authority because liquidation discounts are rising.


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