Somebody Created Star Wars Perfumes Using Both Sides of the Force

By Tim Staskiewicz

A Long Time Ago (Now)… In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away (Germany)…

Have you ever wanted to smell like a Jedi warrior?

Maybe an Imperial storm trooper?

What do Jedi’s and Storm Troopers smell like anyways? Hopefully not like the Emperor, who we can only assume has a distinct scent of Imperial mothballs and galactic-strength Ben Gay.

Lifetime Fragrances, a German perfume company, has come up with a line of colognes and perfumes inspired by both sides of the Force.

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There’s Jedi for men, which the manufacturer claims “exudes positive energy,” while giving off “tangy notes of mandarin,” and the “gentle nuances of sandalwood.”

For those of us that lean more towards the Dark Side, there’s Empire for men, which is touted as having a “strong character and modern smell.”

Not to forget the ladies, Lifetime has also rolled out a scent worthy of Queen Amidala, titled Amidala, appropriately which claims to “envelop its wearer with an elegant and sensual aura and royal grace.”

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Currently only available in Germany, there doesn’t appear to be any current plans to cross the pond as of yet.

May the smells of the Force be with you!


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