Paul McCartney Recalls the Time He Discovered the Meaning of Life with Bob Dylan

by Alisha Jackson

Noisey’s Joe Zadeh began his inteview with Paul McCartney by asking if he ever feels like he has nothing left to tell. “Yes, definitely,” Paul answered, only to contradict himself a few minutes later.

In an episode of McCartney’s virtual reality documentary, the Beatle apparently said that he had discovered the meaning of life with Bob Dylan in his hotel room one night, and that he wrote it down. The next day, he found the words “there are seven levels” written on a piece of paper. When asked point blank if he had been on drugs during the time of this “discovery”, Paul answered “Yes! I think that was our first pot experience. Yes! Answer: yes! Moving on.”

Instead of moving on, Zadeh asked the Beatle if his interpretation of the meaning of life had changed since then. “I never quite knew what I meant that night,” he said, “but the weird thing is, I’ve run into people who have said they got something from it. They start going into scriptures and ancient texts and stuff, and apparently there are people who say that, about levels. All I know is, it seemed very definite to me at the time. And because it was my first pot experience, my overriding concern was telling everyone back home. You know how you do that? If you do something great, you can’t wait to tell your mates? Like, ‘I’ve just been there!’ or ‘I’ve just met this person!’ or ‘I’ve just been to Disneyland!’ Well I thought I’d cracked the meaning of life, so I couldn’t wait to tell everyone back home. Who knows… Maybe ‘There are seven levels’ is right. It certainly seemed very right that night.”

Macca may not quite remember what the meaning of life is, but he does have seventy three years of life experience. When asked what he has learned from his time on earth, Paul answered with “The first thought that comes to mind is: don’t underestimate anyone. If you saw my Liverpool family, you’d think they were just a bunch of scousers. But once you get to know them, there are all sorts of hidden depths in there. One of my cousins – who was older than me – he compiled the crosswords for The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph. They have got to be three of the hardest crosswords in the world.”

“He’s just some scouse bloke,” he continued. “You’d never spot him in a crowd. You’d think he’s nobody. He doesn’t look like anything. But he is. That’s why I love talking to different people. I ask them ‘Where you from?’, ‘What you doing?’ It sounds like I’m being nosey, but I just want to know. Because sometimes you find out the most amazing things about people. The world has taught me to never to assume somebody is nothing. You might be completely underestimating them.”

Who knows, you may even meet someone who discovered the meaning of life, and remembers what it is!

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