SixX Strings: Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman are Restoring YES “Excellence”

The Holy Trinity is finally all together…If you know what that means when it comes to the music of YES, then you will understand that it is a thing of magic.  If you don’t, then let me fill you in on something that might just get your attention beyond the average owner of a lonely heart.

The band YES is heralded as one of the best PROG-ROCK bands of all time.  If that is even debatable for you, then you can stop reading now.  The band set a level for musical artistry that might never be achieved again.  Was it for their songs, many line-ups, live shows or how many albums they sold?  Hardly…it was the sum of its parts!  Collectively, the group out-lived changes in musical tastes, failing industry security, and even some of the band members themselves.  Well I have some good news for you; a cross section of what can be said was some of the best parts of the band YES as we know it, has now come together for the first time ever!

Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman (A.R.W.) are setting out to bring back the “excellence” in what was YES.  Three distinctly different periods of the band’s history have now joined forces to own the stage once again!  Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman are coming out of their post YES years to step in the ring together finally and create a new group that isn’t just a reunion of sorts.  They are bringing back the greatest parts we all know and expanding it beyond the limitations of a traditional redux.  A.R.W. are three musical legends that want to step on that stage, feel the electricity of the show, entertain a multitude of fans (old and new) once again with an evening of YES music & more.  Why do they want this now?  This is a group of friends that is not willing to fade off into the darkness of rock history.  Life is short and they want to do it before they can’t is why… and who in the hell can blame them?


I had the chance to talk Bowie, new music, touring, A.R.W. plans, and the reason for the A.R.W. formation now with none other than keys master Rick Wakeman.  Take a listen to the interview and catch one of their tour stops coming this fall.


Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman play Boston’s Wang Theatre this October 19th.  Make sure you go and experience the magic while you still can!


Check it,



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