Great News! Eating Two Breakfasts Can Help Weight Loss

By: Hardi Dude –

Some people argue that the best meal of the day is breakfast, while others claim differently, but who cares because a recent study published in the journal, Pediatric Obesity, concludes that we should eat TWO breakfasts in the morning!

Yup, you read that right. Two breakfasts! They claim that eating two breakfasts can help you lose weight, limit snacking throughout the day and avoid binge eating during lunch.

According to a new study by researchers at Yale and the University of Connecticut, eating two breakfasts is actually good for you. The idea is to start with a small snack to kick-start your metabolism, and then follow it up with a slightly larger meal a short time later, which should help keep you satisfied until it’s time for lunch.

This recent study was conducted over the course of more than two years and had a sample-size of 600 school children. The study suggests that “children who ate two breakfasts experienced a weight gain no different to the kids who ate just one (as the study was conducted on children, weight gain was advocated).”

The kicker here is that the children who “rarely ate breakfast”, were twice as likely to be overweight in comparison to the children who ate two meals in the morning.

Nutritionists are backing this idea as well, so it has to be valid and can work, right?! According to a Sydney-based dietitian Gabrielle Maston, “It can be hard for a lot of people to eat a lot of food when they first wake up, which makes the double breakfast a good idea. And it’s also a good thing to adopt if you work out early in the morning before you eat.”

Maston suggests that you grab a small snack when you first get up. A protein shake, small yogurt, or a piece of fruit or some nuts will do. Then follow up your snack when you’re ready to chow down on some breakfast with eating something higher in protein like eggs, oatmeal/bran, non-fat cheeses, lean beef, pork or chicken, and Tom Brady’s favorite, avocado.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

So tomorrow morning make sure you wake up earlier than usually so you can get in those two breakfasts, especially the hearty one that follows your appetizer of fruit, nuts or yogurt.


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