SixX Strings: Marillion… F*** Everyone And Run!

How can a band sell millions of albums, have legions of dedicated and rabid fans, tour relentlessly and still be uncool as f**k? Well, in a world where it seems fashionable to appear geeky, nerdy and awkward, one thing has become apparently clear…being uncool has become cool. Before the hipster trend came into season, one group of guys were setting a standard for uncool by actually doing cool stuff.

The band Marillion was cool by being uncool probably before anyone.  They set the bar by effectively thumbing the nose at the music industry, trends and mindless music.  Poignant lyrics and thoughtful mindsets were the norm for them and you know what… it worked.  Marillion has been performing for almost the last 40 years, created an online band presence in the 90’s, and were doing crowd funded albums before most current bands were even born.

So why is it Marillion has never gotten their just desserts by the media and the industry?  Well, that goes back to the uncool part.  They never really seem to play along with the organ grinder.  This band has always tried to make music for themselves regardless of who said what!

I had the chance to speak with Marillion front man Steve Hogarth about their tour, history, the world we now live in, and their upcoming album,  FEAR: F**k Everyone And Run.  Take a listen to our chat and keep an eye out on for the opportunity to win tickets to their upcoming Boston show at Royale on November 4th.  You might just learn something actually cool!


Check it,



For more information on the band, their tour or their music check out


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