Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Asked Johnny Depp For Guitar Lessons After Seeing Him Play

by Alisha Jackson

A chick flick from the year 2000 may be responsible for the re-formation of The Hollywood Vampires. Okay, okay so that’s a bit of a stretch, but the film definitely played a hand in Johnny Depp and Joe Perry‘s bromance.

When band leader Alice Cooper sat down with EON Music, he praised unlikely guitarist Johnny Depp for his axe skills. “Johnny is one of these guys that just loves that era, and he’s a killer guitar player”, he said. “There’s a movie called Chocolat, and he plays this gypsy guitar player, and he does all this [famed jazz guitarist] Django Reinhardt stuff, and it’s really him – it’s not somebody playing for him, he’s really playing that stuff”.

Alice Cooper wasn’t the only one impressed with the actor’s guitar playing in the film. “Joe Perry heard that and he called him up and said; ‘can I get guitar lessons from you?!’ So that’s how good Johnny is,” Cooper said.

Oddly enough, we can picture Alice Cooper watching Chocolat. But the thought of Joe Perry throwing some popcorn in the microwave and watching a chick flick at home is an excellent visual that we will forever appreciate.


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