Chad Smith Is Aware That “Everyone’s Freaked Out” About Anthony Kiedis’ Illness

by Alisha Jackson

In the unfortunate year of musician deaths, fans automatically assumed the worst when they heard that Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis, had to be rushed to hospital on Saturday night. Their anxiety levels only increased from there when the band announced that they had to postpone another concert due to Anthony’s “complications from the intestinal flu”.

Luckily, Anthony is on the mend, and RHCP has confirmed that they’ll be returning for a gig in Ohio this weekend, but drummer Chad Smith is aware of how badly they freaked everyone out.

“His stomach was killing him (and) It was really scary,” he recalls. “So we went directly to the hospital and we were really upset we couldn’t play for the fans, but also more worried about him.”

Fans were just as worried, especially in the wake of so many musician deaths this year. “I know everyone’s freaked out when they hear about another musician going into the hospital. It’s been such a rough year,” Chad recognizes. But according to him, Anthony will be just fine. “He’s a very strong man and he”ll be back better than ever.”

Before signing off, Chad thanked fans for their response to the scary incident. “I really appreciate all the well wishes. People sent so much stuff.”


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