The ‘Angel’ On Eric Clapton’s Album Isn’t George Harrison

by Alisha Jackson

It’s been almost fifty years since Paul McCartney was first reported “dead”. Despite Fred LaBour admitting that his rumor about the Beatle was a joke, his conspiracy theory continued to perpetuate for years. And while fans are well aware that George Harrison has (really) been dead for fifteen years, they couldn’t help but connect him to the “Angelo Mysterioso” credit on Eric Clapton‘s upcoming album, I Still Do.

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The pseudonym is very close to the one George Harrison was credited as on the Cream song “Badge,” which he co-wrote with Clapton back in 1969. According to author John C. Winn, “George was credited as L’Angelo Misterioso, much to his surprise,” explaining that “he assumed Eric chose the name to avoid contractual hassles.”

But the dreams of a lost Harrison recording have officially been crushed, as Clapton just told Guitar Magazine outright, ““It’s not George.” According to the guitar virtuoso, “the person wishes to remain anonymous. So we came to that arrangement and we both thought it was the best idea.” However, his next line at least gave away the gender of this “Angelo Mysterioso”. “I’m sworn to secrecy,” Clapton continued, “and I hope he is too. But I quite liked it.”

He also liked the Harrison comparisons. “I heard there were rumors about it being George and I thought that was great, because it’s nice that people know that story. We used to do it a lot and I still like to do that now. I’ve been that ‘angel’ sometimes. George was, and now there’s someone else. I can’t say who it is, but I like the speculation.”


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