Alice Cooper Tells Karlson & McKenzie He Could Replace “Just About Any” Lead Singer, If Needed

By Tim Staskiewicz

Rock legend and host of Nights with Alice Cooper on Saturday nights here on WZLX, Alice himself checked in with Karlson & McKenzie this morning, and he had a lot to say, particularly about Hollywood Vampires bandmate, Johnny Depp, who had to make an apology video to the people of Australia

“It was pretty stoic, wasn’t it? I think he was playing Brando in that,” laughed Alice. “I was over there on tour when all of this was going on, and they asked me what the whole thing was, and I said, ‘Guys, they’re terriers, not terrorists!'”

Kevin and Pete then moved onto Cooper’s comments about Axl Rose being perfect for AC/DC’s lead singer replacement.

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“Axl can get up in that range that Brian Johnson did,” said Alice. “That’s why I said he was a perfect choice for that, because he can actually get up in that high range.”

With many rock bands continuing on tour with replacement lead singers, the guys wanted to know who Alice thought he could replace.

“I could do just about any of them, I’m pretty good imitator of all of those guys,” Alice told Karlson & McKenzie. “I could do Aerosmith or Motorhead, you know, it’s really just a matter of the key. Steven [Tyler] sings a bit higher than I do, but they’re all rock and roll songs. That’s all I’ve been doing all my life, so it’s really just taking your voice and plugging it into that song.”

Karlson & McKenzie wanted to get Alice’s opinion as an inductee of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, on Steve Miller’s outburst during the ceremony.

“I think guys take it way too seriously. I was seriously hoping I would learn the secret handshake, be a part of the Illuminati at that point, and get the dossier on Area 51, none of that happened,” said Alice. “You know, if you wanted seats, you had to pay three grand a person.

He followed up by explaining how it feels to be included as an inductee.

“The cool thing about being in the Hall of Fame is that you’re being inducted and your being voted on by your peers. The Paul McCartneys and the Eric Claptons, and the Jeff Becks, are the guys getting the ballot,” said Alice. “That’s the validation, right here. Other than that, it’s cool. It’s very, very cool to be in.”

You can hear all of Karlson & McKenzie’s interview with Alice Cooper including his work on his audiobook Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, and whether he’d ever consider playing Fenway Park in the audio players below.

Karlson & McKenzie can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30am until 10am on Boston’s Classic Rock, 100.7 WZLX. Follow the show on Twitter (@KarlsonMcKenzie) and like them on Facebook. Stream K&M anywhere you go with the free app for iOS and Android devices.


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