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10 Questions with The Longwalls | 2016 Rock & Roll Rumble

Are The Longwalls a Kowloon tribute band? Find out in 10 Questions. 

1] Introduce us to the members of your band. Endearing nicknames and embarrassing stories are welcome.

Alan Wuorinen (Lead Vox and Acoustic Guitar)

Brilliant songwriter. Big ole voice that exhales passion. The Longwalls are based around his muse. He’s of Scandinavian descent, like where Thor is from (Alan’s first name is, in fact, Thor. True story.).

Brandon Comstock (Electric Guitar, some Lead Vox and Harmonies galore)

The man with the plan. The mogul. Founded the Static Motor Recordings imprint. The best guitarist in the South End (are there many guitar players in the South End? Is that a thing?). The yang to Alan’s yin, they played together in Boston favs Gatsby from 2000-2005 or so. Has an MBA (he was working at Mobius at the time and didn’t quite fit in with his mostly banker cohorts).

Kurt von Stetten (Drums, percussion, synths, cello)

Don’t let the name fool you this guy is like a genius. Records his own albums where he plays everything from washboard to the all those percussion instruments that make whoo whoo noises. Has 10 (10!) solo albums on the Static Motor imprint. Takes pictures. Has an MFA. Plays cello. Used to be a competitive flatland BMX rider, still rides. Somehow finds time to plays drums in The Longwalls. Hates The Beatles. Always good for a smile.

Dan London (Bass, occasional Lead and/or Harmony)

Not British but might as well be. The John Entwistle of the band minus the whoring. Writes his own songs too and has to solo albums on the Static Motor imprint. Why does everybody in this band write their own songs? Prefers his fish tacos grilled though he enjoys other fried food very much.

2] What makes for a compelling live performance?

When the band makes me want be up on the stage and playing so bad I want to leave because the beauty of the music hurts, but instead I get a drink and shake or sway or raise my fist and yell.

3] If you could travel back in time through the history of popular music – to an era, a decade, a music scene – which would it be and why?

Hmm… could be late 60’s, London. That was cool. Cool clothes. Cool folks. The music was sparkling with rock ‘n rollers learning their craft with an innocent cynicism and an idealism that wouldn’t make sense today to anyone over 12. Or.. mid/late 70s NYC to catch early performances by Talking Heads, Television, The Ramones, The Dictators, Mink DeVille, etc.

4] Today we look at the legends of rock to include the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and so on. Who will be  the legends of rock in 20 years and why?

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and so on – because that’s the way things work.

5] Who is your favorite past Rumble band(s)? Hint: there have been 36 Rumbles before this year.

Seka, before they had to change their name. The Gentlemen, The Neighborhoods, The Sheila Divine (though we loved Quick Fix),  Guess we’re kinda old school.

6] What does your band hope to get out of this experience?

Simple. Play in front of cool crowds. Make some noise. Make some fans. Make some friends.

7] What are you doing to prepare?

Jumping Jacks. Nah, just kidding. Light stretching and deep knee bends.

8] There are hundreds of new bands all over Boston and New England. Tell us about a few of your favorites.  

So many.. stalwarts like Reverse, Black Helicopter and ER (anything on Midriff Records really), The Rationales, Air Traffic Controller, Girls Guns and Glory, Tallahassee, Autumn Hollow. And of course anything involving Ted Billings. Got to love Worshipper of course. On Static Motor we just released a compilation of new artists like Rachel Thomasin, Marriage Material and Aüva who are all pretty darn great. Oh, and Head Band! Is Head Band still a band?!? I once bought one of their 7″s at Newbury comics and upon opening it up on the cab ride home I found a.. uh.. green leafy substance scattered through the homemade construction paper jacket. True story. Born on a mountain raised in a cave!

9] Describe your sound in 10 words or less.

That bass drum in your head that takes you to bed. Damn thats 11. How about this: Kowloonesque; beautiful and decaying.

10] What do you have to say to the 23 other bands?

Normally we’d come up with something special for each individual band like a good thank you note from a wedding where the author has obviously studied their Emily Post and can probably walk straight backed with an encyclopedia on their head but since that doesn’t seem appropriate in this instance we’ll go with this: “hope everyone kicks ass and we all have a good time.”


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