Viral Video Reminds Us To ALWAYS Tip The Pizza Guy

Who doesn’t love a large deep dish filled with cheesy goodness… Maybe add some pepperoni, some onions, peppers… The options are endless.

Now while we as Americans could get up off our duffs and go pick up pizzas ourselves, it’s not nearly as satisfying as staying on your couch and having dinner brought to you.

A group of YouTube comedians who call themselves Nelk, have created a video reminder for us all, reminding us to ALWAYS tip the pizza delivery guy.

Too often, the pizza guy ends up walking away empty-handed. Sure, they’ve been paid for the pizza, but what about that extra gratitude in the form of cash?

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The guys from this Canadian comedy troupe decided it was payback time. One of these guys got himself a job as a delivery guy for the Canadian chain, Pizza Pizza.

The rest of the group captured his antics on hidden camera. If people didn’t tip, their pizza ended up on the ground.

If he really got cheesed off (get it?) the pizza got lit on fire.

Let’s just say, our friend didn’t last very long in his faux job, but the results are hilarious.

Watch the full video above. It’s pretty amazing.

Remember: ALWAYS TIP the pizza guy!

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