Def Leppard Reveals Self-Titled Album Track Listing

by Alisha Jackson

Yesterday was a big day for Def Leppard fans! After telling us that an album was coming soon via the band’s Youtube channel on September 2nd, they finally released the upcoming self-titled album’s track listing. And they did it in a pretty unique way!

Okay, so releasing album details on Instagram is actually quite common these days, but Def Leppard’s announcement was rare in that they posted an actual handwritten note by the band’s lead singer, Joe Elliott.

Throughout the day, Def Leppard released part 1, part 2, part 3, and then finally part 4 of the handwritten note, revealing the album’s track listing:

Def Leppard
Def Leppard

01. Let’s Go (5:01)
02. Dangerous (3:26)
03. Man Enough (3:54)
04. We Belong (5:06)
05. Invincible (3:46)
06. Sea Of Love (4:04)
07. Energized (3:23)
08. All Time High (4:19)
09. Battle Of My Own (2:42)
10. Broke ‘N’ Brokenhearted (3:17)
11. Forever Young (2:21)
12. Last Dance (3:09)
13. Wings Of An Angel (4:23)
14. Blind Faith (5:33)

Total running time: 54:24

#defleppard Tracklisting Reveal Part 1

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#defleppard Tracklisting Reveal Part 2

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#defleppard Tracklisting Reveal Part 3

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The final image’s caption instructed fans to go to this morning for a special surprise, but we have yet to see anything on the site.

Back in June, Joe Elliot told, “I’m not ready to become somebody who just tours and [plays] old songs and never [makes] another record again. We [Def Leppard] all have too many ideas in our heads [for] songs that need to be written. Whether or not people buy them, it’s irrelevant. I have to get them out of my head, or I’ll go mad.”

Elliot continued with,”so, for me, it’s very important that we [Def Leppard] empty our heads of these songs, so we can write newer ones. There may be a time where we don’t care, but right now, we’re still passionate about new music. We can only hope that our passion rubs off on a few people, who will read an interview like this. Or who hears our new song on the radio and think, ‘Wow, they’ve still got it!'”

We can’t wait to hear if they still do!


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