This Guy Crushed His Best Friend’s Car for Sleeping With His Ex…and Posted It on Facebook

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

How would you react if your ex slept with your best friend? Chances are, not good. Even if you and your ex hated each other, seeing him or her with your best friend would be devastating. Relationships and friendships instantly ruined.

This guy in Australia got revenge in the most…crushing way possible: he ran his truck over his now ex-best friend’s car. You know, to assert dominance.

But then he posted a photo of his exploits on Facebook. And not even his personal page – he posted it on the public Facebook page of a popular auto parts company in his hometown, with the message “Sean Pradier u dog [expletive] i told u i would do it i got the balls come and get your [expletive] now [expletive] face im here waiting for you.”

And of course, the posts got him arrested. And he even continued to update his status from the back of the paddy wagon.

He later commented adding that he has kids with his ex, and that the only reason he even cares is because it was his best friend, which implies that the original couple were not together at the time of the affair.

According to an Australian news site, the victim of the car-crushing and the ex-girlfriend have denied that anything happened between them.

One thing that’s certain: the jilted man still has feelings for his ex. If he weren’t, there’s no way he’d be this angry at his ex-friend. He’d say “Heh, you two can have each other” and go on with his life – maybe even try to talk his friend out of it. But to make this kind of a spectacle out of your anger? That indicates there are still some strong feelings involved between the man and his ex. That’s just what love does to people sometimes.

How would you react if this happened to you?


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