Scott Weiland Says He’s “Been Off Drugs for 13 Years” While Looking and Sounding Horrible

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

Scott Weiland looks like a mess. Everyone can see it. Everyone heard it when he slurred and stumbled through one of the worst renditions ever of “Vasoline”.

There’s no way to know for sure what is causing Weiland to look and sound to bad in his recent appearances, but he’s insisting it’s not drugs or alcohol that’s causing it. And in the above interview, he says the hardest thing to deal with on his recent tour has been “a–hole media.”

Sure, Scott, we’re the bad guys here.

Look, there’s no actual proof that Weiland, notorious for his struggles with addiction throughout his career, is back on drugs. And in fairness, he performed “Vasoline” again recently in Canada and sounded better. But just look at him in this interview and you can tell something is not right.

Weiland looks disheveled and strung out while staring into space. And he doesn’t sound right either, speaking in a drawl that resembles a man who hasn’t slept for days.

If the only issue with Weiland right now is sleep, he needs a LOT of it right now. He continued to blame the shockingly bad performance that went viral last week on a lack of stereo monitors. “I couldn’t hear myself,” he says.

But at the beginning of the video he can almost certainly hear himself when there’s no music going and he slurs “This is a new song, we just worked it out today.” And he has that same blank, empty stare as the song begins.

Get this guy a bed! He needs about 24 hours of extra sleep if lack of rest is causing Weiland to look and sound this bad.

But of course, he’s not causing his own problems – it’s the “a–hole media” that’s been the worst thing to deal with.

“The media these days, they like to talk stuff without really knowing what’s going on,” he says. “I’ve been off drugs for 13 years, and to hear people make references to that is very disheartening.”

That’s completely fair of Weiland to say, but it doesn’t explain why he looks and sounds so bad. He’s borderline insulting all those supposed “a–holes” who can plainly see that there’s something wrong with him.

Maybe he’s battling an undisclosed illness. Maybe he really does just need some rest. Whatever the issue, it’s taking a serious toll on him. He needs help with whatever it is that’s ailing him. I’m not here to say he’s a bad person for being back on drugs (if he is), I’m here to say he needs saving.

Yes, we in the media can be brutal sometimes. And I’ll be one of the first to apologize and admit I’m wrong if he really is sober. But everyone can see something’s off with Weiland, and it’s time for him to stop pretending that we are the problem.


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