Han Solo & Other Classic Characters Return in New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

If the hype machine didn’t already kick into high gear with the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, now it’s REALLY about to take off.

The second trailer for the J.J. Abrams-directed movie, due out on December 18, has been released and gives you your first look at the return of Harrison Ford as the beloved Han Solo.

And it’s not just Han you get to see: there’s Chewbacca (who looks like he has a CGI face this time), R2-D2, a mangled Darth Vader helmet, and dialogue from (presumably) Luke Skywalker, whose role in the new trilogy is as mysterious as anyone’s.

You also get shots of newcomers like John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, who appear to be playing members of some kind of new rebel alliance, shots of a crashed Imperial Star Destroyer, and new glimpses of X-Wing fighters and Han’s Millennium Falcon in the middle of a battle scene.

Let’s break down the most striking moments of this new trailer, and the questions they ask – which the whole internet is bound to do for the rest of the week …

Will there be a MASSIVE crash scene for this?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Looks like Luke still has custody of R2-D2?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

How and where did Vader’s helmet survive?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Who is being handed this light saber, presumably by Leia?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Perhaps Daisy Ridley’s character, who looks like a badass?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Who is behind this new sith character with the crazy mask?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Who is this TERRIFYING chrome stormtrooper?

(YouTube) (YouTube)

And of course…How awesome is THIS???

(YouTube) (YouTube)

Perhaps some of these answers are already known – I admit, I’m not an expert on Star Wars canon. But I’m still nerding out big-time over this new trailer as it rules over the internet.


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