David Bowie & Mick Jagger’s Cringe-Worthy ‘Dancing in the Street’ Video: A GIF-by-GIF Breakdown

There are awkward moments. There are downright cringe-worthy moments. And then there’s the music video for “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie & Mick Jagger.

The duo’s cover of the Martha and the Vandellas MoTown classic was originally made with very good intentions: it was a single for Live Aid, sending all of the profits to charity.

People likely didn’t want to speak ill of a song and video recorded with such good intentions, but 30 years later the video stands as one of the most cringe-worthy rock ‘n’ roll has ever seen. Maybe that’s because they filmed it in just 13 hours, which explains the haphazard dance moves and choreography (or lack thereof).

The single was a big success in 1985 and gained a lot of profits for Live Aid, so it obviously did a lot of good. But now it’s fair game to ask: is this the worst music video ever made?

Factor in the magnitude and importance of the song, and the exposure the video received, and “Dancing in the Street” is a legitimate candidate.

Here’s a full breakdown of the awkwardness of the video, in the form of some cringe-worthy GIFs…

After swinging in on a firepole, Mick starts off with this move…

And if he’s not careful his eyeballs are going to pop out.

100% chance director David Mallet thought this was brilliant filmmaking.

And this shot is so 1985 it hurts.

The first shot of the two together is about as cringe-y as it gets.

The first outdoor scene highlights the complete lack of choreography to their dance moves.

And then Davie and Mick get close. Like, REALLY close.

“Alright, just flail while I spin around for a few seconds.”

And of course the finale, and whatever this dance move is.

What’s the most cringe-worthy music video you’ve ever seen?

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