What’s the Legacy of Bon Scott?

We lost former AC/DC frontman Bon Scott far too early. But as I reflect on him and his legacy as a rock star, I realize it’s still a good one.

I believe Bon Scott cemented his Legacy in the 5-short years he fronted AC/DC. Sure, not the wide vocal range of the other Rock Royalty around at the time, but he was the Quintessential Frontman!

The raw, gritty salt-of-the-earth vocal style and pure energy on stage which went over huge with critics, fans and record label suits alike. He had a style all his own and truly lived the lifestyle, and that was reflected in his songwriting as well.

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It’s hard to say where AC/DC would be if Bon were still at the helm. Legend has it that some of the music for what would become Back in Black was written before he died. Who knows if that record would have reached the iconic status it has now? But the band was well on their way after Highway to Hell.

There’s no question: Brian Johnson brings his own unique style and vocals, and has certainly done enough for his own place in history (and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). The numbers, consistency and LONGEVITY don’t lie.

To me, debating over who was better is pointless because they’re both great. I mean, how lucky can one Rock Band get to strike lightning twice the way they have?

Join the Conversation!

I wanna know what YOU think of Bon Scott’s legacy! Did he do enough in his short time in AC/DC to cement himself as a legend?

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