Original Movie Titles That Will Blow Your Mind!

Alisha Jackson

Do the movies 3000 or A Boy’s Life sound familiar to you?

How about Coma Guy?

They are probably 3 of the most popular movies ever made, and thankfully their titles were changed before they were released!

Pretty Woman

The title “3000” is a reference to how much money Richard Gere’s character paid for his hooker, Vivian Ward. To be fair, the title is straight and to the point, but it lacks any sense of charm.
We say good move on changing the title!

A Boy’s Life?
E.T.: The Extraterrestrial

I guess Spielberg knew what he was doing, as “A Boy’s Life” was just a working title used to keep people from figuring out what he was working on.
Thanks for looking out, Steve. We can’t imagine the story of E.T. being directed by anyone but you. Reeses pieces anyone?

Coma Guy?
While You Were Sleeping

Hmm.…which title sounds more romantic? “Coma Guy” or “While You Were Sleeping”?
We are SO glad this title changed!

More original titles:

Original title: Shoeless Joe
Final title: Field of Dreams

“Field of Dreams” is based off of the book “Shoeless Joe”.
Are we allowed to make fun of the title if was used for the book? Well, we’re going to. Field of Dreams is way more inspiring.

Original title: Wise Guy
Final title: Goodfellas

Scorcese originally titled “Goodfellas” after the book Wiseguy, but then production was postponed. Unfortunately, the title had to be changed after a TV show was named “Wise Guy.”
Either one would have worked for us!

Original title: The Tribal Rites of the Saturday Night
Final title: Saturday Night Fever

This one isn’t too shocking, since “Saturday Night” is still in the title. However, the first title refers to Saturday night as “the” Saturday Night which just sounds odd.
Saturday Night Fever sounds more badass. Good call on this one.

Original title: Scary Movie
Final title: Scream

This is like calling “Love Story” Love Story. Oh, wait..
Bottom line: We’re glad it changed. Scary Movie works way better as a parody movie about Scream.

Our final movie had 2 working titles before deciding on the final name. Its first title may be the best one we’ve seen:

First title: Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Your Reader Will Love But The Executive Will Hate
Any ideas yet? Hint: The movie came out in 1999.
Second title: East Great Falls High
How John Hughes of them. Did you figure it out yet?
Final title: American Pie
Great final title, but we would have settled for the first one.


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