2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble Score Card!

2014 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

During our Rumble research, we discovered an old program from the 1981 Rumble that took place at Spit and The Metro.
Among that year’s band bios, listings, and 80s-style ads was the judging criteria. With that, I have updated the  scoring a bit. So the new is actually old. But new again.

What is not new is that 5 judges take part each night. They are asked to take part on nights were they have no friend, colleagues, clients, co-workers, drinking buddies, and even enemies that could create any kind of conflict of interest. I have very specific guidelines for the way I ask judges to behave.

Judges are instructed to be present for all bands and their entire performance, start to finish.

Judges are present for all score tabulation. Scores are added as a straight tally and what is called a high/low drop, which is dropping a judge’s highest score and lowest score. This is done in the event that two bands score exactly the same in the straight across tally, the high/low drop score would be used to determine the night’s winner. In the event of an even greater scoring anomaly, the judges would be called upon to determine the winner based on a vote. This is rare in that it has never happened to my knowledge.

All scores are audited before a winner is declared.

Any band who wishes to may see their score card in person, at the Rumble. We don’t post them or email them.

2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble Score Card





1. Material. +Possible 1-10: Were songs good, memorable? Did they all sound the same?

BAND 1: _____                       BAND 2: _____                       BAND 3: _____                       BAND 4: _____

2. Playing Effectiveness. +Possible 1-10: How well did band play? Were they tight? Intriging? How did band represent their genre?

BAND 1: _____            BAND 2: _____            BAND 3: _____            BAND 4: _____

3. Vocal Effectiveness. +Possible 1-10: How well did vocals (lead & backups) contribute to & enhance band?

BAND 1: _____            BAND 2: _____            BAND 3: _____            BAND 4: _____

4. Timing. +Possible 1-10: Did band use set time wisely? Did set flow? Did it build in intensity? Did band stop too long? Were they on time?  

BAND 1: _____            BAND 2: _____            BAND 3: _____            BAND 4: _____

5. Stage  Presence. +Possible 1-10: How did band present itself? Mannerisms? Banter? Were they fun to watch? Did they interact? Did crowd respond?

BAND 1: _____            BAND 2: _____            BAND 3: _____            BAND 4: _____

6. BONUS* +Possible 1-5.

BAND 1: _____            BAND 2: _____            BAND 3: _____            BAND 4: _____

*Optional category to grant extra points based on any judge’s discretion, or the intangibles not covered above. Please explain what prompted the points below.  

BAND 1:  ______________________________________________________________

BAND 2:  ______________________________________________________________

BAND 3:  ______________________________________________________________

BAND 4:  ______________________________________________________________

Final Tally

BAND 1: ________       BAND 2: ________       BAND 3: ________       BAND 4: ________






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