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This ‘Stolen Stanley Cup’ April Fool’s Day Joke Couldn’t Be More Obvious [VIDEO]

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listenlive listicle This Stolen Stanley Cup April Fools Day Joke Couldnt Be More Obvious [VIDEO]

Whether this is an attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke or the beginning of a social media marketing campaign by NBC Sports, this video takes a shot and really misses the mark.

It’s probably both. Watch as real NBC-affiliated pundits report on the Stanley Cup being stolen by a band of masked thieves, and try not to laugh at how painfully obvious it is that this is all staged:

Maybe that was their intent all along and this is just the start of an advertising campaign to promote the NHL playoffs, similar to the Bud Ice penguin commercials that included one about the Stanley Cup. So if it’s a joke it’s not funny, and if it’s an ad campaign it’s unoriginal.

But if they’re trying to whip up some kind of frenzy about the Cup actually being stolen, they have failed…What’s that? Some people actually believe it?


In case the video wasn’t already big enough of a giveaway…

Maybe the fact that I’m sitting here complaining about the lameness of the video is exactly what NBC Sports and the NHL want. Either way people are talking about this. Any added discussion about the Stanley Cup playoffs is fine in my book. Go Bruins!


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