New Study: Singing Is The Top Activity While Driving

By: Tim Staskiewicz, (@timstask)

Rocking out in your car while you’re driving? You’re not alone according to a new survey out this week.

Singing out loud is the number one activity while driving according to a survey by DMEautomotive. 56% of drivers belt out a tune while heading down the road though there is no data to support how many of those drum on the steering wheel at red lights while singing.

The survey was released in support of National Collision Awareness month, and while singing isn’t necessarily considered distracting while driving, the rest of the top five activities sure are.

Having a phone conversation comes in at number two with half of people surveyed doing it, followed by eating, also at 50%. Text messaging rounds out the top five with both reading a text message at 26%, and sending a text message at 20%.

“It’s not surprising that singing out loud tops our list, but it’s deeply disturbing to see how much multiscreen, multi-tasking is going on in cars: people texting, reading emails and the paper, and watching TV,” said Dr. Mary Sheridan, Manager of Research and Analytics at DMEa. “And how a smaller, but considerable, percentage (5-7%) are treating their cars as an extension of their home/bathroom by shaving, brushing or flossing their teeth, putting on makeup or deodorant and changing their clothes while driving.”

While we here at encourage you to always keep your eyes on the road, we wonder… What song do you like to rock out to the most while driving? Let us know in the comments section below.


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