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2014 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble
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Photo by Kip Defrancis

Photo by Kip Defrancis

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Sinnet are Aaron Spransy – vocals, guitar,  and keys, Kevin Junker – bass and vocals, Michael Brian Stewart – drums and percussion

Sinnet is the musical universe of Aaron Spransy. The Wisconsin native settled in Boston, playing guitar around town for indie-pop melody makers The Fatal Flaw.

His own musical vision crystallized with Sinnet. Sinnet plays adventurous, cinematic, indie-pop tangled up in fuzz and spooky bits – treading some strange, three-way tightrope between Spoon, Elliott Smith, and Squeeze. Born from a collection of solo bedroom recordings from ‘less employed’ times, Sinnet has since grown into a full fledged band.

In August 2013, Sinnet released, Year of the Whale, a four song EP/7” recorded by Matt Girard (The Motion Sick, Parks) with help from fellow Fatal Flaw’s Joel Reader, former Sinnet members Marlo Pedroso and John Drislane, and mastered by TW Walsh (Pedro the Lion). Decidedly more upbeat and rock oriented than Midwest Manners, Sinnet’s 2012 debut, it maintains the atmosphere and vibe of the bands homemade origins.

Sinnet has received airplay in Boston and Milwaukee and has been covered by the local press including the Boston Globe and Dig Boston. Converse recently chose the band as part of its Rubber Tracks recording program at Q Division Studios.

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