Petty Morals // Class of 2014

2014 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble
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Photo by Joshua Pickering

Photo by Joshua Pickering

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Petty Morals are Taiphoon – lead vocals, Chrissy V – guitar and vocals, Ivahna Rock – bass and vocals, LoWreck – drums, Allison Wonderland – synth, Hellion – vocals

Born out of a shared love of synth punk, dance rock, and Joan Jett covers.

Petty Morals, featuring past and present members of VAGIANT, Tijuana Sweetheart, The Grinds, The Spoilers, Killer Abs, Cult 45, and Gunpowder Gelatine, formed in December 2012 by bassist Ivahna Rock and drummer LoWreck. Having laid down the crispy tortilla-like foundation of a rhythm section, the duo added some meat to their musical tostada. Enter Taiphoon on vocals, and Chrissy V on guitar and backing vocals.

Soon thereafter Hellion wanted in on vocals. Alison Wonderland joined on synth in early 2014. The summer of 2013 saw the debut of the sweetness-laden Cotton Candy demo, produced by Ian Clark (Razors in the Night, Pure Impact).

Debut, The Lemonade EP, released on Valentine’s Day 2014, was recorded and mixed at Paulietone, Billerica, Mass. Petty Morals plan on eventually taking over the dance club scene in Micronesia, so go ahead and book your flights now.

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