Goddamn Draculas // Class of 2014

2014 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble
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Photo by Duncan Wilder Johnson

Photo by Duncan Wilder Johnson

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Goddamn Draculas are  Duggan –  lead vocals and guitar, Dennis – guitar, Bice- bass and vocals,  Chip – keyboards and vocals,  J.R. – drums

With a name like that they are either the dumbest band ever, or they are committed to fun and friendship; the order is questionable.

The members of the GD Drax, as they are known by their drunken fans, cut their teeth in established national and local acts: Lost City Angels, Sam Black Church, C60, Voodoo Dolls, Wild Zero, and The Deadly Sins. But, just in case you care, here they are: Duggan: Known for questionable tattoos; favorite drink: Irish whisky. Dennis: Builds motorcycles; favorite drink: craft beer. Bice: Has a tattoo of the state of Idaho on his ass; favorite drink: anything. Chip: Voice-over golden throat; favorite drink: Old Overholt Rye., J.R.: Smarter than he looks/dumber than he thinks; favorite drink: bourbon. There you have it. Just remember what they drink so you can buy them one at the Rumble. That’s what’s important.

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