Doom Lover // Class of 2014

2014 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble
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Photo by Leigh Smyth/Oh Snap Photography

Photo by Leigh Smyth/Oh Snap Photography

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Doom Lover are Jeffrey Vachon – guitar and vocals, Nikki Dessingue – vocals, synth and theremin, Geoff Smith – guitar and vocals, Kyle Allain – bass, Carl Harkness  – drums

Leaning heavily on the alt-rock button, Doom Lover is, on any given night, at least two things at once. Driven by one intention, but many methods, they craft haunted rocks songs delivered with equal parts aplomb and tenderness.

Songs filled with soaring hooks, noisy freakouts, plenty of specters and a stage show complete with three-part harmonies, the occasional puppet show, or choreographed dance routine.

Allston Pudding wrote,  “A grungy layering of guitar and light synth, it is easy to pick up on the little influences and musical histories of the various bandmates. The jam comes to an exciting peak with every chorus, leaving a vigorous hook to resonate until we hear more from these guys. Hold onto yer butts, Doom Lover is coming!”

Lately Doom Lover have been feverishly writing songs that will show up on a debut release sometimes this year; and eating lots of tacos.

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