Airport // Class of 2014

2014 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

Airport are Craig Small – lead vocals and guitars, Mike Oram – guitars and vocals, Chris Bell – keyboards and vocals, Jim DeTore – pedal steel, lap steel, guitars, percussion, vocals, Mike Martino – drums and percussion, John Zappala – bass

Formed in the summer of 2009 in Framingham, Mass, when Craig and Mike O got together to play a collection of misfit songs that didn’t seem to belong in any of the bands they were playing in at the time. One of these guys had been traveling too much for work. Missing home, his wife, his dogs, all the stuff you can’t have when you’re not home, he tapped into his inner woe-is-me and began writing on planes, in hotels, in cars, and in airports.

Led by Craig Small, who played and toured with Waltham (the band!), and spent some time with Senor Happy and Kay Hanley, Airport are big twang, singable, sweet, hooky, jangly, old school 70s-inspired rock. Chiming chords billowing in the breeze of sugary melodies and stacked harmonies; reflective, driving down the highway, coffee shop, whiskey-drinking, melodic, sing-along, “remember when…?” memory-jolting, rock, soft rock, countryish, popish music.

Go Up, Airport’s debut recording, was released in 2011.  The singles “Long Time” and “Maggie” were released in 2013 and will be included on the upcoming EP this spring.

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