Nick Mason on Pink Floyd Reunion: “We Would Respond If Someone Asked”

Former drummer says legends could reunite for another benefit concert

By Matt Dolloff

Will we ever get another Pink Floyd reunion? While the odds are always going to be low, founding member Nick Mason left the door open for it in a recent interview.

The former Floyd drummer is collecting previously unseen archive footage for future exhibitions on the band, according to The Mirror in the U.K. And of course, they asked him about a potential Pink Floyd reunion.

Mason’s ruling? It’s still possible, but not probable.

“I think it’s quite unlikely but if there was another Live 8 we would respond if someone asked,” he said, referencing the band’s one-off reunion performance at the 2005 London benefit concert.

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He continued: “If there was a cause that was sufficient then I think if any of us felt we could make a real difference to a ­particular situation, hopefully we would all do the decent thing…And it would have to be a cause that was worth it and beyond it just being a bank account issue.”

Essentially, there has to be another Live 8-esque benefit concert that would bring in enough donation money to satisfy Mason, Roger Waters and David Gilmour. And the “bank account” comment heavily implies that they would not do a reunion show just to make money for themselves, or for just any cause. And even if they respond to anything, a “yes” is far from guaranteed.

That’s fine, but why would a reunion tour (or even just a one-off performance) have to be for-profit? You know what would bring in millions upon millions of donation dollars? An actual Pink Floyd reunion tour!

Roger Waters’ The Wall tour was the third-highest-grossing tour of 2012, behind only Madonna and Bruce Springsteen, according to Billboard. The tour, which included a stop at Fenway Park, grossed $186,466,703 – is that not enough money for Pink Floyd?

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Ultimately, it’s going to take a massive worldwide benefit concert that caliber of Live 8, or even bigger, to draw Pink Floyd back into the reunion discussion. But the chances of a full-blown reunion tour, which would be one of the biggest music stories in recent history, remain very low.

The saying goes “money talks”, but if it’s for a Pink Floyd reunion, the payday wouldn’t be for them.



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