The Polar Vortex: What’s Causing This Extreme Cold?

What is the polar vortex? Even after Pete attempts to describe how it works, it’s still pretty unclear to us non-scientists. Between wicked cold air and distortion in the wind, it gets kind of hard to follow.

He actually gives a pretty brilliant simile for it though – it’s like the arctic circle cracked an egg on the globe. A wicked cold egg. But it’s just easier to say that it’s FREEZING out!

Luckily, Mass. didn’t get the worst of it – it only has to deal with wind chills around -5, as opposed to, say, -60. It’s still weather that makes you just want to stay inside and never, ever go out.

And at least people can make cool experiments with it like throwing boiling water into the air and watching it instantly turn to snow.

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