When Metal Attacks: Ozzy Osbourne Banned in Boston…for Peeing on the Alamo in Texas

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

Because Ozzy Osbourne settled down over the years and gotten into much less trouble in the public spotlight since the 1980s, you might not realize that at one point he was the king of controversy. He was such a polarizing figure in pop culture he actually got banned from performing in Boston…And it was in part because of something he did in Texas!

Legend has it that on a February day in 1982, Ozzy was with his crew visiting the historic Alamo in San Antonio, absolutely obliterated from drinking too much. And at one point he allegedly pissed right on the walls of the Alamo, which got him arrested for public urination.

But according to a 2003 Boston Herald article, a tour guide said Ozzy never peed directly on the Alamo – he did pee in public, but it was by a monument across the street from the Alamo. And according to the same guide if he actually peed on the Alamo the cops would have “beaten him to within an inch of his life”.

Boston officials apparently feared Ozzy would take his public peeing escapades to their history-rich city, which is just filled with sacred ground to piss on, and do his business all over the Freedom Trail or Fenway Park or anything else sacred to Boston. We take that kind of thing pretty seriously around here, and Ozzy was as unpredictable as it got back in 1982, so let’s call it preventative maintenance.

That was just one example of Boston fearing the heavy metal culture and its biggest figureheads. Guy does something 2,000 miles away and it leads to him getting banned from the city forever. Ozzy can still perform in other Mass. cities though, so fans have nonetheless gotten their Ozzy and Black Sabbath fixes.

What is it about Massachusetts that draws trouble from heavy metal music? Or maybe it’s metal’s fault…Either way, “When Metal Attacks” highlights the most infamous moments in heavy metal that happened right here in New England. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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