Gene Simmons Calls Jimi Hendrix Death ‘Original’ in New Interview

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

According to Gene Simmons, there can actually be good things associated with people dying young. Jimi Hendrix, for example, was at least original when he died in 1970 after drinking too much alcohol and mixing it with drugs.

The KISS frontman told the TeamRock Radio’s Classic Rock show: “You can’t even be original nowadays. At least the guys who killed themselves, like Hendrix and all the rest of them – in those days not many people did that. You’re a drug addict? You’re kidding me. That’s so yesterday.”

Say what?

The one obvious problem with Simmons’ comments is there’s nothing cool about death – ever. Jimi and other rock stars who died too young didn’t leave us so early because they thought it was trendy. Pretty sure Jimi wanted to live.

To be fair to Simmons, he may not have actually meant that suicide was cool or that rock stars meant to do these terrible things to themselves. But to segue from a comment about originality in rock music straight into a remark about musicians dying young, and frame that comment around the idea of everyone doing it…Bad form.

Simmons also rips music critics, but it’s the same old “mother’s basement” routine we’ve heard a billion times. Hear that plus some updates on KISS in the player below.



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