How Brian Eno Brought Out The Best In U2 On “The Unforgettable Fire”

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In 1984, U2 felt they had begun to “lapse into formula” and grew increasingly bored with their own creative output. So on their next album, which would result in The Unforgettable Fire which came out on October 1 of that year, they decided to start fresh and take things in new directions. That’s the process that Carter Alan examines for the latest edition of Carter’s Catalog.

The real “game-changer” on Unforgettable Fire was, of course, producer Brian Eno, who encouraged the band to step outside their comfort zone and do certain things that they had not done before. One good example is Bono’s vocals on “Elvis Presley and America”, which are partly improvised in the studio as the band recorded.

This kind of experimentation resulted in an album that was not entirely commercially viable, but was greeted with incredible enthusiasm from fans. It did contain the popular single “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”, which Carter remarks could have been on the band’s previous album War.

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