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“Hey Jude” in Minor Key: You’ll Never Hear It The Same Again

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listenlive listicle Hey Jude in Minor Key: Youll Never Hear It The Same Again

“Hey Jude” reached #1 on the U.S. singles chart for the first time on September 28, 1968. The Beatles’ all-time classic turns 45 this year.

The original single is about as triumphant as it gets for a rock and roll song. It was originally written as “Hey Jules”, about John Lennon’s son Julian, but was eventually changed. Its “na na na na” coda is one of the most famous endings in rock history.

But the above clip turns the whole song upside-down and inside-out, switching the major chords to minor and vice-versa. The result sounds nothing short of evil.

The epic ending suddenly turns into some kind of dark, disturbing demon chant, while the verses suddenly sound melancholy. It probably won’t ruin the original version for you, but it’s still an interesting listen. Would the song have been #1 if it sounded like this?



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