Watch a Press Conference and Newsreel Footage From The Beatles’ Boston Garden Concert in 1964

Rock N' Roll Diary Extra | Matt Dolloff, 100.7 WZLX

Beatlemania had already launched in full force by the time the Beatles played the Boston Garden on September 12, 1964. It would be one of only two shows the Beatles played in Boston, and the only time at the Garden.

Watch the video above to see the band’s press conference at the Madison Hotel in Boston the day of the show, followed by what appears to be newsreel footage of John, Paul, George and Ringo arriving in Boston at the airport.

Though the audio is somewhat hard to decipher, there are more than a few questions about the money the band was making at the time. That seemed like the clear angle the Boston media wanted to take on Beatlemania at the time. (Go to for a transcript.)

It’s amusing to hear questions like those, as well as some asking about how long they feel the Beatles phenomenon would continue. Boston clearly had its share of Beatles skeptics back in ’64!

As far as Boston-centric questions, there is one about Arthur Fiedler of the Boston Pops and how he finds the Beatles’ music “relaxing”. Paul describes the people he’d met in Boston as “very nice”.

Below is newsreel footage that claims to be from the Boston Garden show, although it is unclear where it actually comes from. Either way, it’s more cool insight into just how the craziness of Beatlemania looked at the time.

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