The John Lennon Tooth Owner Wants To Use It To Clone Him

Speaking of making good use of medical time and effort…A man who paid over $31,000 for an old tooth pulled from John Lennon’s mouth is trying to extract and sequence DNA from the tooth, in hopes of cloning the Beatles legend.

Canadian dentist Michael Zuk bought the tooth at an auction in 2011 and eventually sent it to scientists to conduct tests and see if they’re able to pull Lennon’s genetic framework from it.

“Many Beatles fans remember where they were when they heard John Lennon was shot. I hope they also live to hear the day he was given another chance,” Zuk said, according to the Guardian.

He even has his own website, Can’t believe the domain name wasn’t already taken…

The very idea of human cloning isn’t as insane as it sounds. Back in May the Oregon Health & Science University reported it had successfully cloned human stem cells for the first time. But that’s just cells. And they want to use them for, you know, more useful stuff like regenerating organs for transplants.

Cloning John Lennon would be cool for sure, but there’s plenty wrong with the idea. We’re talking about starting from scratch with Lennon No.2 as a newborn baby and growing all the way back up. He’s not just going to pop out of the womb with a beard and glasses strumming along to “Norwegian Wood”.

We can’t expect the new John Lennon to grow up in a completely different place and time and just be the same guy, let alone a musical genius. That’s the whole issue with cloning famous people; beyond their genes, we can’t expect them to turn out to be the same exact person unless we can somehow replicate their whole upbringing.

Know what would be more useful? Time travel. So we can go back to 1980 and stop that bastard Mark David Chapman dead in his tracks.

So say we actually get to the point where we can clone John Lennon…How would you feel about that? Would it be worth it or just a waste of time?

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