Bar Refaeli Doesn’t Want Her Picture in Roger Waters Shows

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

In case you just came here for Bar Refaeli pics, here you go. But the world-famous, smokin’ hot Israeli model has spoken out against Roger Waters and his use of her pictures at his shows.

Apparently some of his video displays feature pictures of Refaeli and she does not want them there. She tweeted this out in Hebrew, which translates roughly to:

“Roger Waters, you better take my picture off the video art performances. If so, ban already”, according to the Bing translator.

Waters has made headlines this year for calling for a ban of the entire country. So the Israel-born Refaeli thinks that should include anything with her image or likeness.

Guess it makes sense. How can you ban an entire country but feature one of its most famous citizens in your videos? Shouldn’t be a problem to replace her with some other smokeshow. Perhaps Palestinian model Huda Naccache would make more sense?

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