Roger Waters Pays Respects to Late Pink Floyd Stage Designer Mark Fisher

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

The design of iconic stage shows like Pink Floyd’s for The Wall is so epic, it’s hard to believe it came from the mind of one man. Mark Fisher, who died last Sunday at age 68, was that guy for Floyd – and later Roger Waters, who recently paid his respects to the late designer.

He told Team Rock Radio of Fisher’s legacy with the band: “Mark was a great man and a great friend.”

Back when Waters decided to bring The Wall back, he reached out to Fisher, who designed the original 1980 stage production, for advice.

“I called him in 2010 and he was an enormous help,” he said. “I was thinking about a virtual wall and he said, ‘No, you’ve got to build the wall just like you did.”

Fisher also designed the famous “claw” structure that U2 used for their 360 Tour. The band’s manager Paul McGuinness said such ideas could have only come from a true genius, and Fisher was not like most designers.

“Some rock ‘n roll production people are very set in their ways,” he told Billboard. “The band or the artist comes to them with an idea, ‘How can you execute it?’ Some [set designers], I’m afraid, say, ‘Oh, you can’t do that, that’s never been done before.’ But Mark was never like that. He turned everyone’s wild ideas into steel and lumber and canvas reality. He built extraordinary things for us.”

It’s too bad that Fisher is no longer around to continue to innovate for the biggest rock shows in the world. But will we ever forget the unbelievable stage show The Wall puts on? Hopefully there will be another genius designer to follow in Fisher’s footsteps.

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