Photo Flashback: Roger Waters Visits the Middle East in 2006

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listenlive listicle Photo Flashback: Roger Waters Visits the Middle East in 2006

This week in 2006 marked the time Roger Waters toured the middle east for a string of concerts on his Dark Side of the Moon Live tour, including Israel and Syria. Check out photos from his visit above.

As part of his visit, Waters now-famously visited the separation barrier in Bethlehem and spray-painted slogans on it as a form of protest against its construction.

You can see in one of the photos that he scrawled the phrase “No Thought Control” from the lyrics of “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II”. He also painted the line “Tear Down The Wall”, from “The Trial”.

He called the wall “an obscenity for other people in the world” in a 2009 interview. The guy clearly has something against giant walls.

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