Aerosmith Cancels Indonesia Show After Foiled Bombing Plot

Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

It seems Aerosmith can’t catch a break lately with their tour dates. The band cancelled their show in Jakarta, Indonesia after authorities foiled an attempted bombing plot on the nearby Myanmar Embassy.

Indonesian police say they have arrested two suspects and seized bombs from them. The two were planning to bomb the Myanmar Embassy in protest of the country’s treatment of Muslims.

While there hasn’t been any direct connection to the bombing plot found at Aerosmith’s concert venue, where a crowd of over 15,000 people would have showed up to see the band perform, it was an easy decision to cancel the show as a safety precaution against potential attacks on large crowds.

Still, this appears to be a foiled attack on Myanmar and not Indonesia, so we can reasonably believe Aerosmith and their fans were safe either way. Can’t blame anyone for cancelling the show though.

Bassist Tom Hamilton recently left the band’s tour due to health issues and would have missed the Jakarta show either way. But he could still rejoin the band for their May 8 show in Manila, Philippines.

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