Rock N’ Roll Diary Extra: Original Thin Lizzy Announces Breakup

April 30, 1983 marks the day Thin Lizzy broke up their original lineup that featured late frontman Phil Lynott. The band had already passed its mid-1970s peak with classic hits like “Whiskey in the Jar”, “The Boys Are Back in Town” and “Jailbreak”.

The band’s downward spiral and eventual demise in the early 1980s show the typical signs of decay: unfortunate drug problems, solo projects, declining record sales. It was unfortunate that the same typical problems befell Thin Lizzy, one of the few classic rock bands of the 1970s that can claim to be trailblazers with their dueling lead guitars and Lynott, a black Irishman playing bass, as the lead vocalist.

Luckily for fans who set out to see the band live in 1983, they played out one last UK tour before breaking up on August 28, 1983. The band would reunite in 1996 as something of a tribute to Lynott, who died in 1986, but it certainly wasn’t the same. They eventually retired the name Thin Lizzy for good in late 2012.

The long reunion period for Thin Lizzy still did nothing to take away from the slew of great tunes Lynott and the original lineup churned out in their prime. We will always have those to enjoy.

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