Meet The Dunkin Donuts GLAZED DONUT Egg Sandwich!

Photo Courtesy: Dunkin Donuts

Photo Courtesy: Dunkin Donuts

An egg sandwich with bacon that is sandwiched between two halves of a glazed donut! Supposedly, they’re testing them in Eastern Massachusetts locations, and we’ve sent the interns out to go find some for us.

If you’ve seen a Dunkin’ Donuts location that is selling these, please tweet us at @KarlsonMcKenzie or leave a comment on this post!  Eat your heart out America!

UPDATE: The interns were sent on a mission to find a Dunkin Donuts that would make us the sandwich, and they found one in Brighton!  The gang eats them live on air. Well, Pete had already eaten his by then. Figures.

Dunkin Donuts Run 04.04.13

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