Carter’s Catalog: U2 Shocks The World On “The Joshua Tree”

Coming off the atmospheric, experimental flow of The Unforgettable Fire, U2 appeared to have become an art-rock band. Heavily influenced by New Wave music at the time, it took a U.S. tour for the band to really discover and immerse themselves in American rock music.

That experience would provide much of the influence for The Joshua Tree, which celebrates its 26th anniversary tomorrow (March 9). The album is an instant classic which still stands as an essential piece of popular music, regardless of era or genre.

As Carter Alan explains in the latest Carter’s Catalog video above, fans and critics alike expected another experimental turn from U2 as a follow up to Unforgettable Fire, but instead we got not only a great American rock album but perhaps the definitive album of the U2 sound.

The Edge employed what has gone on to become his signature sound, the “ethereal” guitars Carter describes that we hear right away at the start of “Where The Streets Have No Name.”

As the biggest-selling LP of U2’s career, it ushered in the band’s sound as most fans know them today. Even though they followed that up with another opus, Achtung Baby, that could be considered the band’s best work, no album by the band swept the world up in its waves like Joshua Tree.

— Video by Matt Dolloff / 100.7 WZLX

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